Saint of the Day

Saint Agostina Petrantoni; Patron Saint of Nurses

Olivia Pietrantoni was born and baptized on March 27th, 1864, in Pozzaglia Sabina, Italy, to Francesco Pietrantoni and Caterina Costantini. From an early age, she worked in fields an...

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Saint Willehad of Bremen

Willehad was born in Northumbria and probably received his education at York under Bishop Ecgbert. He was ordained about the year 766 and went to Frisia, to continue the missionary work of St Bonif...

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All Soul’s Day
Feast of All Saints
Saint Alonso Rodriguez

Saint Theonestus of Philippi

Saint Theonistus is a Catholic saint, venerated along with two of his companions, Tabra and Tabratha. According to the 11th-century account, Theonistus, along with Alban of Mainz, Tabra,...

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