US President Biden Advocates for Two-State Solution as Key to Resolving Israel-Hamas Conflict

US President Biden Advocates for Two-State Solution as Key to Resolving Israel-Hamas Conflict

Washington - US President Joe Biden asserts that the Israel-Hamas conflict will persist until a two-state solution is achieved between the nations. Biden expressed uncertainty about the duration, emphasizing, "I can't tell you how it's going to last."

Amid growing differences between the US and Israel regarding post-war scenarios, Biden highlighted the importance of a two-state solution during a press conference on Wednesday. He addressed concerns about setting a deadline for US support in the conflict and emphasized the need for a two-state resolution. The UN Security Council's fifth vote for an immediate ceasefire to aid humanitarian efforts in Gaza was also noted.

Biden conveyed to Israel that occupying Gaza would be a significant mistake and emphasized his commitment to resolving the situation. Regarding hostages, including a 3-year-old American, Biden declared, "I'm not going to stop 'till we get her."

Meanwhile, the IDF intensified operations at Gaza's Al-Shifa hospital, raising concerns for the safety of civilians, including premature babies. The raid, described as a "targeted operation against Hamas," prompted the White House to call for the protection of patients and to avoid conflicts within the hospital.

In response to mounting pressure, Israel agreed to allow fuel into Gaza for humanitarian purposes, marking the first such allowance since the conflict began. The impact of the war on Gaza's population was highlighted, with over 1.6 million people displaced and health officials reporting more than 11,200 casualties. Israel claimed 1,200 deaths in the October 7 Hamas attack, with 239 people reportedly still held hostage in Gaza.

Democratic lawmakers, including Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, Betty McCollum, and Mark Pocan, signed a letter urging President Biden and Secretary Blinken to seek a cease-fire in Gaza. The letter expressed concerns about the escalating conflict, particularly violations against children, and emphasized the need for immediate de-escalation and a robust bilateral ceasefire to prevent further civilian casualties.

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