China Advocates a Tangible Roadmap for Achieving a Two-State Solution in Gaza

China Advocates a Tangible Roadmap for Achieving a Two-State Solution in Gaza

Beijing - China urged the United Nations Security Council on Thursday to develop a "concrete" timetable and roadmap for a two-state solution to address the Palestinian issue.

This call was outlined in a paper expressing China's stance on resolving the Palestinian-Israeli conflict, released by the Chinese foreign ministry during its presidency of the Security Council in November.

The paper emphasized the need for the council to intensify diplomatic mediation, revive the two-state solution, and promptly convene a "more authoritative and effective" international peace conference. China urged the council to respond to the global demand for a "comprehensive ceasefire" to halt the ongoing conflict.

China, during the recent hostilities starting in October, refrained from directly condemning Hamas but expressed opposition to acts harming civilians, advocating for de-escalation and a two-state solution. Foreign Minister Wang Yi, who chaired a high-level Security Council meeting on the Gaza conflict, called for a lasting truce and cautioned against the conflict spreading across the Middle East.

Wang emphasized that peace should not be restricted, and the ceasefire should not have an expiration date. He also announced China's commitment to providing a new batch of emergency humanitarian supplies to Gaza. International calls for an extended truce between Israel and Hamas have intensified, with China reiterating its support for the Palestinians' pursuit of statehood.

President Xi Jinping underscored China's support for the Palestinians' quest for statehood, stating that the core of the Palestinian-Israeli conflict lies in the delayed realization of the legitimate national rights of the Palestinian people to establish an independent state. Xi called on the Security Council to fulfill its responsibilities and work towards promoting peace in the region.

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