St. Apollonia of Alexandria

St. Apollonia of Alexandria

During a local rebellion against the Christians in Alexandria in the early third century, St. Apollonia, a holy virgin, was martyred in the year 249. Apollonia is among a group of early Christian martyrs who freely chose to suffer death rather than deny their beliefs when given the option.

St. Dionysius wrote the life story of St. Apollonia to Fabian, the Antioch bishop.

Under Emperor Philip's rule, Apollonia was struck in the face by a Christian persecutor and had all of her teeth knocked off. Then they set up a stick pile outside the city and threatened to set her on fire if she did not repeat after them impious words (which would have been either an invocation of the heathen gods or a blaspheme against Christ). When she was granted some freedom at her own request, she jumped into the flames and was burned to death.

She is commonly called upon by people with toothaches and is believed to be the patroness of dental illnesses. She is portrayed in ancient art as having a golden tooth at the end of her necklace. She is depicted grasping a tooth in her pincers in artwork as well.

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