Desecration of Holy Bible in Kerala raises questions about India's secularism: KCBC Vigilance Commission

Desecration of Holy Bible in Kerala raises questions about India's secularism: KCBC Vigilance Commission

Kochi – KCBC Vigilance Commission recalled the unfortunate incident where the Holy Bible was desecrated by a non-Christian and said that it posed a threat to the secular fabric of the country.

Fr. Michael Pulikal, the Secretary of the KCBC Commission for Social Harmony and Vigilance issued a statement in this regard.

The full text of the press note follows

The incident in which an individual from the state of Kerala insulted the holy book of Christians, the Bible, and spread the video of burning it with oil on social media is extremely unfortunate and painful in secular India. Such incidents are also an illustration of the growing extremist mindsets and intolerance in India. Extremist sectarian organizations and individuals who promote such trends are conspiring to incite unrest in India. It is disappointing that social, political, and other authorities have not yet publicly condemned the incident, which has wounded the Christian community globally and cast a stain on India's secular tradition and heritage. Leaders of the socio-community must unite to oppose such actions that sabotage social and religious harmony. Community Leaders must be ready to recognize, exclude and keep away those forces and people that poison by sowing extremist thoughts.

A few months ago, the Kerala Chief Minister revealed that de-radicalization activities were being carried out in the face of increasing terrorist tendencies. In such a context, the state and central governments should seriously consider the views of religious extremism, communal sentiments and terrorist activities and should take urgent measures accordingly. Governments and Law enforcement agencies should be ready to thwart attempts to turn India into a land of insurgents and sow instability by destroying religious harmony. To prevent such incidents from happening again, the person who burned the Holy Bible and shared the video on social media should be punished in an exemplary manner and steps should be taken by conducting an impartial inquiry into the incident and the ideologies and influences behind it.

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