Mar Remigiose Inchananiyil declares whole hearted support to Archbishop Pamplany's stance

Mar Remigiose Inchananiyil declares whole hearted support to Archbishop Pamplany's stance

Kozhikode: Bishop Mar Remigiose Inchananiyil of Thamarassery has declared that he will support any political group that steps in and understands the issues of farmers wholeheartedly. What counts is whether the BJP takes farmers into account.

"Successive Congress and CPM governments have severely neglected farmers in every way." After many requests, the Chief Minister took over the Minorities Department, but due to other pressures, the Chief Minister handed over the Department to someone else. There is an argument against this. "It is a big problem for us," Mar Remigiose Inchananiyil said.

Because peasants are not a large, organized force, no government wants them. Their decision is to support the farmer who has lost everything; despite their request not to import rubber, they did not take it into account and removed the subsidy, which was a relief to the rubber farmer.

The government acted in such a way that the Rubber Board was stripped of all authority. Bishop stated that, aside from stocking paddy and coconut, the government has taken no action to pay farmers on time.

Both political parties extol the farmer in their speeches and books. But none of this works. Because of the government's anti-farmer stance, many rice farmers stopped farming. Even in the nightmare of the hilly region, the government has not intervened effectively to date.

When elephants and tigers are afraid of being killed, the government creates a buffer zone, putting farmers in even more danger. However, not a single issue was considered or resolved.

As a result, the Bishop of Thamarassery stated that in the current situation, he intends to support those who stand with him and take up the farmers' problems regardless of a political party.

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