Uniform Liturgy to be followed; Syro-Malabar Synod concludes

Uniform Liturgy to be followed; Syro-Malabar Synod concludes

Kakkanad - The special Synod of the Syro-Malabar Church held from June 12th to 16th 2023, to address contemporary issues in the church and society concluded yesterday. The main intention was to find a permanent solution to the disparities related to the offering of the Holy Qurbana in the Archeparchy of Ernakulam-Angamaly as recommended by the Synod.

Discussions were held with Cardinal Pietro Parolin and Archbishop Claudio Gugerotti to address the current challenges. The Synod emphasized that the uniform liturgy, previously decided in the Synod and approved by the Holy See, will continue without any changes.

Difficulties in implementing this uniformity in certain dioceses do not invalidate the decision, and the synod urged those who disagree to seek communion and avoid destabilizing the Church.

Efforts were made to resolve differences through discussions, and the synod representatives engaged with the Ernakulam Angamaly Archdiocese at various levels. A papal delegate was requested for to assist in the discussions, addressing anti-church attitudes and clarifying the importance of ecclesiastical synodality which has been requested to the Holy See.

The synod reaffirmed its commitment to resolving all crises related to the Ernakulam Angamaly Archdiocese in a manner acceptable to all. The unity and communion of the Church should not be compromised for personal interests.

Prayers were requested from the entire Catholic community for a successful resolution of the ongoing differences.

The closure of the St. Mary's Basilica at Ernakulam, the main church of the Major Archbishop, due to activities that tarnished the church's reputation, has been a source of disgrace.

However, the basilica is set to reopen for other spiritual rites, excluding the Holy Qurbana. Strict instructions have been given to ensure a unified approach to offering Qurbana. The Synod has also resolved to take legal action against those who defy this directive. It is crucial for the congregation to focus on healing and fostering trust and love among its members.

The persecution of Christians in India is on the rise, particularly evident in the Manipur region where communal riots have erupted. Despite the loss of lives, destruction of Christian churches, and displacement of thousands, the government has failed to effectively address the situation or denounce those responsible. The enactment of laws suppressing religious freedom and targeting minorities poses a threat to democracy, highlighting the need for governments to protect constitutional values and safeguard the rights of minority communities.

The government, both at the central and state levels, have to address the challenges faced by farmers in Kerala with empathy. Despite a Supreme Court ruling on the buffer zones, farmers' concerns remain unresolved, and there is a lack of protection against wildlife threats to their lives and properties.

Falling agricultural prices have left farming families in debt and hunger, emphasizing the need for fair support prices, not just as an election promise.
Urgent intervention is required to address the struggles of rice farmers in obtaining fair prices for their produce. The potential loss of youth leaving the country should be seen as a serious issue.

The circular communicating the aforesaid decisions of the Synod was issued from the Office of the Major Archbishop. All Syro-Malabar Churches are to read the Circular for the knowledge of its faithful on June 25, 2023.

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