Chandy Oommen Victorious in Maiden Election Run, Defeats Rival Jaick C Thomas by 36454 votes

Chandy Oommen Victorious in Maiden Election Run, Defeats Rival Jaick C Thomas by 36454 votes

In a historic turn of events in the Puthupalli constituency, Chandy Oommen, the successor to the veteran politician Oommen Chandy, has emerged victorious, securing a significant mandate with a margin of 37719 votes. Oommen Chandy had maintained his stronghold over this constituency for an impressive 53 consecutive years.

The final tally saw Chandy Oommen garnering 80,144 votes, Jake C. Thomas of the LDF received 42425 votes, and BJP candidate Lijin Lal secured 6558 votes.

This victory not only marks the rise of Chandy Oommen as a popular figure but also significantly surpasses the margin achieved by his father, Oommen Chandy, whose previous majority of 9,044 votes pales in comparison to the staggering 36,454-vote margin in this election. In the previous election, Oommen Chandy had secured 63,372 votes, while Jake C. Thomas had received 54,328 votes, with BJP's N Hari trailing behind with 11,694 votes.

Comparing this election to the previous one, the LDF witnessed a decrease of 12,682 votes, while the NDA lost 5,247 votes compared to their previous performance.

Chandy Oommen's remarkable victory has outshone Oommen Chandy's previous record majority of 33,255 votes, established in 2011, solidifying his legacy in Puthupalli's political landscape.

Jake C. Thomas, the LDF candidate, faced his third consecutive defeat, having lost to Oommen Chandy in the 2016 and 2021 elections. A total of seven candidates contested in this election.

The UDF celebrated resounding success in all panchayats where the vote counting was completed. Even in Jake C. Thomas' own panchayat, Manarkad, and Chandi Oommen maintained their dominance. Minister VN Vasavan, who led the LDF's election campaign, faced the strong presence of Chandy Oommen.

In comparison, the BJP faced a more significant setback than the CPM. Despite mounting an extensive campaign in the constituency with the involvement of central ministers, the BJP candidate struggled to maintain their previous vote count.

Chandy Oommen, who entered the election with the memory of his father's legacy, garnered votes as a testament to love for his father. The UDF team worked cohesively to secure victory in Puthupalli. This resounding win serves as a clear rejection of the allegations made against Oommen Chandy's family. In the previous election, Oommen Chandy's majority had been reduced to 9,044 votes, but this time, Chandy Oommen managed to dominate in all the panchayats, with the exception of Manarkad.

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