Pope Francis Receives Copy of 'Nightingale of the Holy Eucharist'

Pope Francis Receives Copy of 'Nightingale of the Holy Eucharist'

In a heartfelt tribute to the indomitable spirit of Ajna George, 'Nightingale of the Holy Eucharist', was presented to Pope Francis. This English translation of the book ‘divyakarunyathinte vanambadi’ narrates the inspirational life journey of Ajna George, a courageous youth who triumphed over the agonies of cancer through unwavering devotion to divine mercy.

The book was handed over to Pope Francis by Matthew Thomas, a lay representative from the Malayalam community, who is representing the Church in the Gulf region at the ongoing Synod on 'Synodality' held at the Vatican.

'Nightingale of the Holy Eucharist', co-authored by Fr Sabu Kumbuckal and Jith George, continues to touch hearts and souls as a bestseller in the Christian book category on the online retail giant Amazon. This remarkable 159-page book, published by Kairos Publications, has achieved an astounding feat, with over 37,000 copies sold across eleven editions. The English translation alone has garnered an impressive readership, with more than 3,000 copies finding their way into the hands of those seeking solace and inspiration.

Ajna George's story is a testament to the power of faith and resilience. A dedicated volunteer within the 'Jesus Youth' community, she was diagnosed with cancer while serving as an assistant professor in the Commerce Department of Thevara SH College. Her exceptional strength lay in her ability to radiate divine mercy even amidst excruciating pain.

Ajna's unwavering commitment was exemplified by her practice of spending at least an hour in adoration before the Holy Eucharist, which was lovingly brought to her, even during her most trying moments.

In her final days, when conventional means of receiving Holy Communion became challenging, she continued her communion with unwavering devotion.For seven months, she received Holy Communion in a unique manner, dissolved in water, administered through a feeding tube.

Ajna George's remarkable journey on this earthly plane came to a close on January 21, 2022, leaving an enduring legacy of faith, strength, and unwavering devotion to divine mercy.

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