"India's Military Focuses on Sovereignty and International Relations," says Army Chief

New Delhi - In a recent statement, Army Chief General Manoj Pande underscored the importance of respecting the sovereignty of all nations in India's foreign policy outlook. He emphasized the significance of national security in international affairs and the resurgence of hard power in today's geopolitical landscape.

General Pande highlighted the evolving global scenario, starting with the pandemic, which transitioned from a health crisis to a national security concern, followed by the crisis in Ukraine and the current escalating conflict in West Asia. He reiterated India's commitment to principles such as respecting the sovereignty and territorial integrity of all nations, promoting equality, pursuing peaceful dispute resolution, avoiding the use of force, and adhering to international laws and regulations.

Furthermore, General Pande mentioned India's efforts to enhance defense cooperation through the establishment of defense wings in various locations worldwide. This initiative aims to strengthen joint military training and exercises with friendly foreign nations.

He also acknowledged the increasing significance of national security in international relations and the growing influence of hard power. General Pande discussed the complex challenges posed by economic turbulence, the weaponization of various domains, including information and supply chains, and global issues like radicalization, terrorism, piracy, illegal migration, refugees, and climate change.

General Pande emphasized the transformative role of technology in geopolitics and its impact on strategic competition and warfare. Despite these challenges, he expressed confidence in India's resilience and diverse capabilities, which were tested during the pandemic. He highlighted India's successful "Vaccine Maitri" initiative, which received international recognition.

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