Himalayan Tunnel Tragedy: 41 Men Trapped for Over a Week, Rescue Operations Face Challenges

Himalayan Tunnel Tragedy: 41 Men Trapped for Over a Week, Rescue Operations Face Challenges

SILKYARA - On Tuesday, the initial glimpses emerged of 41 men ensnared for over a week within a Himalayan tunnel in India. The visuals depict them standing in the confined space, engaged in communication with rescue teams.

The men, trapped since the tunnel collapse on Nov. 12 in Uttarakhand state, are reported to be safe, equipped with light, oxygen, food, water, and medicines. While the cause of the cave-in remains undisclosed, the region's susceptibility to landslides, earthquakes, and floods raises concerns. The rescue process faces challenges in drilling through debris in the mountainous terrain.

Authorities released a 30-second video, showcasing some of the trapped men in helmets and construction gear. The footage, captured through a medical endoscopy camera inserted into a drilled pipeline, revealed the men responding positively to inquiries about their well-being. Efforts to free them have encountered delays due to technical issues and fears of further collapse.

Rescue operations, including horizontal drilling through a debris pile, are set to resume. Simultaneously, alternative plans, such as vertical drilling from the mountain's top, are in progress. The 41 men, mostly low-wage workers from impoverished regions, have been advised to stay active within their confined 2-km area, practicing light yoga and regular communication.

Sleep remains a priority, with no reported difficulties, and doctors caution against strenuous exercises that could elevate carbon dioxide levels in the confined space.

Psychiatrist Abhishek Sharma, part of the rescue efforts, notes the men's good spirits and eagerness to emerge soon.

Families of the trapped workers anxiously await updates, with one sister-in-law sharing her relative's message urging care for loved ones and seeking information on the ongoing rescue endeavors.

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