Final Push for Trapped Workers: Rescue Operations Nearing Completion After 12-Day Effort

Final Push for Trapped Workers: Rescue Operations Nearing Completion After 12-Day Effort

New Delhi - A group of welders dispatched from the capital, Delhi, arrived a few hours ago to aid in the ongoing rescue efforts.

Despite a challenging night for the rescuers, there is optimism as they believe they are approaching the final stages. Naushad Ali, operating the Augar machine, reports that 80% of the tunnel work is done, overcoming obstacles like steel rods that initially impeded progress.

Rescuers have been working tirelessly for 12 days, facing challenges such as a mesh of rods inside the tunnel. Ali expresses hope that drilling will resume shortly, with only 20% remaining.

Concerns arise about the workers' well-being, having survived on snacks until receiving their first hot meal two days ago. The heat inside the tunnel poses an additional challenge for the rescuers.

As the operation nears completion, the focus shifts to the delicate process of extracting the workers safely. Once the final rescue pipe is in place, a doctor will assess the workers' condition and guide them through the tunnel. Officials estimate a 12-15 hour timeframe to reach the workers, emphasizing the need for caution.

Anticipation builds as three-quarters of the drilling work concludes, though officials caution that reaching the workers will still take time. Ambulances stand by as the rescue team inches closer to the trapped workers. The workers have endured 11 days since the tunnel collapse on November 12, and with the final phase underway, freedom is now within reach.

While officials assure the workers' good health, preparations are in place for any potential medical issues. Details from the accident site include a video depicting the challenging conditions rescuers have faced during the 12-day operation. Bhaskar Khulbe, former advisor to the prime minister's office, provides insights, noting a recent snag that has been resolved.

VK Singh, federal deputy minister for road transport and highways, and Uttarakhand Chief Minister Pushkar Singh Dhami are actively overseeing the rescue operations. The latest update indicates that the rescue efforts may extend for an additional 12-15 hours, highlighting the complexities faced by the dedicated rescue team.

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