Christians in Gaza living a 'Way of the Cross', says Gaza Parish Priest

Christians in Gaza living a 'Way of the Cross', says Gaza Parish Priest

In Gaza City, amidst escalating tensions and the looming threat of an Israeli ground invasion, Christians taking refuge at the Holy Family Parish are facing increasingly dire circumstances, according to reports from within the enclave.

Fr. Gabriel Romanelli, the parish priest who remains in constant contact with his vicar, Father Youssef Asaad, describes the situation as akin to a "Way of the Cross," a reference to the suffering of Jesus Christ. Sister Nabila Saleh, sheltering in the parish alongside approximately 600 displaced Christians, attested to the intensifying Israeli raids, particularly targeting the Turkman and Zaitun neighborhoods.

"We are under the bombs," Sister Nabila lamented, revealing the destruction of the local "Rosary Sisters School," run by her order. Despite repeated evacuation orders, the displaced Christians, including elderly, sick, and disabled individuals, have opted to remain, citing the impossibility of relocation without jeopardizing their safety.

Father Romanelli emphasized the toll of the conflict, with over 29,000 Palestinians killed and 69,000 injured since the outbreak of hostilities. The living conditions within the Holy Family Parish have deteriorated, with the kitchen operational only three days a week, leaving many struggling to access essential food supplies.

"The situation is getting worse by the hour," Father Romanelli remarked, expressing the weariness and despair among the displaced Christians. Yet, he highlighted their resilience and generosity, as they continue to support others in need despite their own hardships.

In a recent development, Fr. Romanelli managed to conduct the first Lenten Way of the Cross via remote communication with his parishioners, praying fervently for peace and solace amidst the turmoil. Sister Nabila echoed this sentiment, urging solidarity and collective prayers for Gaza.

As the conflict persists, the plea from the Christians in Gaza remains unchanged: "Pray for us, pray for Gaza."

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