Pope Francis Urges Italian Children to Become Artisans of Peace

Pope Francis Urges Italian Children to Become Artisans of Peace

Vatican  City - Pope Francis urged youngsters in Italy to pray for children in Ukraine and Gaza encouraging them to become "artisans of peace" during a meeting with students and teachers from the Italian National Network of Schools of Peace at the Vatican.

More than 6000 Italian children affiliated with the Network visited the Vatican for a special session with the Pope. In an engaging speech, Pope Francis repeatedly engaged the children and made a heartfelt plea to remember the plight of children affected by war and conflict, particularly those in Ukraine and Gaza.

The Network of Schools of Peace, established after years of advocating for the integration of peace and human rights education into school curricula, focuses on nurturing young people's understanding of peace, justice, citizenship, human rights, and responsibility.

Expressing gratitude for the children's initiative in promoting a new worldview and their enthusiastic commitment to shaping a better future, Pope Francis emphasized the importance of their contribution to the upcoming Summit of the Future in New York hosted by the UN.

He challenged the children to take an active role in shaping the future, emphasizing the need for collaboration and synergy. Pope Francis underscored the global nature of contemporary challenges and urged the children to collectively dream of a better world, emphasizing the role of prayer and divine guidance in realizing these dreams.

Highlighting the interconnectedness of peace and care, Pope Francis urged the children to become advocates for peace and inclusion, emphasizing the importance of caring for both the planet and fellow human beings.

Pope Francis encouraged them to combat indifference with compassion, urging them to always consider the well-being of the planet and humanity's future. The Holy Father concluded by inviting the children to contribute to realizing God's vision of a future characterized by peace and beauty for all.

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