Saint of the Day

Saint Sebastian

Sebastian was the son of a wealthy Roman family. He was educated in Milan and became an officer of the imperial Roman army, and Captain of the Guard. He was a favorite of Emperor Diocletian. During...

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St. Paul of Thebes

Saint Paul of Thebes, whose life of seclusion and penance inspired the monastic movement in its early years, is remembered by the Catholic Church on January 15. Paul, who was born in aro...

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Saint Sava
Saint Hilary Poitiers
St. Marguerite Bourgeoys
Saint Theodosius
St. Gregory of Nyssa
Saint Apollinaris

Saint Andre Bessette

Brother André was born Alfred Bessette to a poor Quebec family in 1845. From his early age itself sickness and weakness dogged André from birth. He was the eighth of 12 children born to a French Ca...

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