Protests intensify against drama performace‘Kakkukali' insulting Catholic asceticism

Protests intensify against drama performace‘Kakkukali' insulting Catholic asceticism

Thrissur: A circular was read out in the churches on Sunday opposing the government support for the play Kakkukali, soon after the Kerala Catholic Bishop's Council (KCBC) recently termed its content 'anti-Christian.'The circular, which termed the play 'worse than the waste of Brahmapuram,'.

The Thrissur archdiocese protested against the drama as it is portraying Christian missionary convents as centers of exploitation. A meeting was also convened to discuss its content.

The play is a stage adaptation of writer Francis Norohna's story, narrating the tale of a young woman who joined a convent, only to leave it later being unable to cope with the new life. The title of the story and play refers to a game played by children in Kerala.

Thrissur archdiocese conducted a Collectorate march protesting the same, on Monday.

“The Christian community will not stand by if they try to insult the entire community,” said Mar Tony Neelankavil during the March. Successive governments have disregarded the concerns of the Christian community. This is the whole problem of Kerala society. It is a challenge to a society that the government opened the stage and provided funds for this play. It is not just a matter of belief; it is a matter of certain values to be upheld he added.

Vicar General Mon Jose Vallooran, CRI President Sister Sophie Perepadan, P.I. Lazar Master, former Pastoral Council Secretary Adv. Biju Kundukulam, Joshi Vadkan, Sister Adv. Josiah, M.P. Polly, C.V. Kuriakose, and others participated.

Catholic Congress Director Fr. Varghese Kouthur, Archdiocese Chancellor Fr. Dominic Thalakottoor, Archdiocese PRO Fr. Simpson, Fr. Linson Attic, Lourdes Cathedral Vicar Fr. Davies Pulikkot, Convener of the Central Committee of Family Association Shinto Mathew, A.A. Anthony, KCYM Archdiocese officials Anup Punnapuzha, Akhil, Thommi Pidiath, C.A. Ignatius, James Weeks, C.J. James, Johnson George, Thomas Chirammel and Francis Anthony led the way.

Recently, KCYM said that the play is a blot on the State's culture, and shouldn't be staged anymore. However, the play was staged at Guruvayur Municipality's Sarggotsavam and at Thrissur at Folk’s Thirteenth International Drama Festival of Kerala Music and Drama Academy Thrissur.

The lack of a strong legal system leads to attacks and insults against Christians. The impunity of those who make hateful statements against Christian minorities is seen as a dangerous sign of the attitude towards Christians in Kerala and India.

Tony Chittilapilly, Almaya Forum secretary expressed his concern If society does not respond to such acts, the secular fabric of India will be lost. This will cause irreparable damage to the people of India, and we will forever lose the inclusive, democratic, and pluralistic India envisioned in the Preamble of the Constitution of India. Christians cannot remain "silent spectators" when violence against minorities unfolds.

All Christian denominations should come forward against such rejection of Christian values. Central and state governments should recognize the efforts made by some terrorist organizations and groups to deliberately create public sentiment against Christians. Let the governments realize that increasing violence and insults against Christians and Christian institutions in the country is a threat to the secular democratic system he said.

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