'Face of the faceless', Inspirational life of Blessed Rani Maria to Hit Theatres on November 17th

'Face of the faceless', Inspirational life of Blessed Rani Maria to Hit Theatres on November 17th

Prepare for a cinematic revelation as Shaison P. Ouseppachan's "The Faces of the Faceless" gears up for a much-anticipated release in theaters across Kerala on the 17th of this month.

Directed by Ouseppachan and produced by Ranjith Abraham, the film delves into the extraordinary life of Sister Rani Maria, a beacon of selfless dedication to Catholic pastoral work, social service, and monastic life.

Following the trajectory of Sister Rani Maria's courageous journey, portrayed by the talented Winsy Aloshious, the biographical film promises a poignant exploration of her commitment to uplifting the underprivileged. Winsy Aloshious, acclaimed for her outstanding acting, has been awarded the Best Actress accolade at international film festivals, adding a layer of anticipation to the film's release.

Adding an international touch to the narrative, the English version of the film is set to grace the New York International Film Festival on November 20, with subtitles in Italian, paying homage to Mother Mary. This global showcase aims to extend the reach of Sister Rani Maria's inspiring story beyond regional boundaries.

Archbishop Bishop Mar Joseph Pamplany, recognizing the profound significance of "The Faces of the Faceless," has extended invitations for screenings in various theaters.

Emphasizing the film's role in showcasing monastic life through the lens of cinema and art, Bishop Pamplany expresses hope for its success in reaching a broad audience.

His statement commends the film's quality, surpassing conventional commercial productions.

As the movie unfolds on the silver screen, it not only promises a visual treat but also serves as a social commentary, resonating with audiences through its depiction of a life dedicated to humanitarian causes. The Archbishop and other dignitaries praise the film for its portrayal of Sister Rani Maria's impactful legacy, creating a buzz around its release.

In a nod to the film's roots, the trailer launch at Bombayla's banner in Bombayla, Madhya Pradesh, in 1995, adds a historical touch to the project. Edited by Sandra D'Souza and featuring soulful music by Alphonse Joseph, the film boasts a compelling production team, with Shafi Chemmad as the executive producer.

"The Faces of the Faceless" emerges not only as a cinematic gem but as a powerful testament to the indomitable spirit of Sister Rani Maria. As the audience eagerly awaits the film's premiere, it stands poised to make a lasting impact, blending artistic excellence with a narrative that transcends borders.

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