Catholic Prayer App Hallow Sees Record Spike in Downloads After Super Bowl Ad

Catholic Prayer App Hallow Sees Record Spike in Downloads After Super Bowl Ad

Following its debut commercial during Super Bowl LVIII, the Catholic prayer app Hallow experienced an unprecedented surge in downloads, marking a historic moment for the company. CEO Alex Jones expressed astonishment at the overwhelming response, stating that it was the most significant spike in downloads they had ever witnessed.

Jones revealed, "We saw the most downloads in a single minute we’d ever seen. We’re already ranking ahead of Netflix on the App Store charts and Lent hasn’t even started yet. Glory to God."

The 30-second commercial featured renowned Catholic actor Mark Wahlberg blessing himself with holy water before entering a church, accompanied by a heartfelt prayer for unity and spiritual growth during Lent. The ad resonated with viewers across 15 markets nationwide, culminating in an outpouring of positive feedback and new users for the app.

Reflecting on the success of the advertisement, Jones emphasized the decision to center the spot around prayer and spiritual connection. "We decided really to just focus on making it all about Jesus — just on spending time in prayer with God. It was amazing to see how the spot resonated with so many," he shared.

In addition to Hallow's commercial, another faith-based ad aired during the Super Bowl, emphasizing Jesus' message of love and unity. Titled "Foot Washing," the minute-long commercial depicted various individuals having their feet washed, conveying a powerful message of compassion and inclusivity.

With the upcoming election year anticipated to be fraught with division, the group behind "Foot Washing" aimed to counteract negativity with a message of love and neighborly kindness. According to their website, the decision to focus on this theme was motivated by a desire to promote unity amidst societal discord.

Both ads symbolized a unique intersection of faith and mainstream media, sparking conversations and prompting viewers to reflect on their spiritual journey and relationships with others. As Lent approaches, the impact of these messages continues to resonate, inspiring individuals to deepen their prayer life and embrace the principles of love and compassion in their daily lives.

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