Bridge Collision Tragedy Strikes Guangzhou, China

Bridge Collision Tragedy Strikes Guangzhou, China

Early Thursday morning in Guangzhou, China, a cargo ship collided with a bridge, causing a section of the structure to fracture and collapse into the river below. This unfortunate incident resulted in the tragic deaths of two individuals, with one person injured and three others still missing, as reported by state media.

Images captured by CCTV reveal the ship wedged beneath the broken bridge, while five vehicles, including a public bus, plunged into the water. Remarkably, despite the severity of the collision, the vessel did not carry any cargo at the time.

Authorities swiftly responded to the crisis, detaining the ship's captain and evacuating residents living nearby, ensuring their safety. The company owning the ship has pledged full cooperation with the ongoing investigation into the accident.

Residents in the affected area reported disruptions to essential services, such as water supply and internet connectivity. This incident has drawn attention to the prior warnings issued by provincial authorities regarding the bridge's structural integrity. Plans to reinforce the bridge, including the installation of collision avoidance measures, had been delayed multiple times, with the most recent deadline set for August of this year.

Situated in the bustling Pearl River delta, Guangzhou serves as one of mainland China's busiest seaports. The Nansha district, where the collision occurred, is recognized as a key hub for maritime trade, experiencing consistent growth in cargo volume since its establishment in 2004.

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