Saint Hilary, Pope

Saint Hilary, Pope

During his seven-year pontificate in the fifth century, St. Hilary was renowned for preserving Church unity during a period of intense conflict.

His birthplace was Italy and he assisted Pope Leo I, who was the pope before him, and was dispatched on numerous important duties. One of those tasks involved traveling to Ephesus for an unofficial council without official authorization. His assignment was to report on the rejection of Christ's humanity, a heresy that was being discussed there. Hilary and his delegation were physically attacked by the adherents of this false religion, which had already been denounced by a previous council. After a narrow escape, they went back to Rome.

Hilary was chosen pope and appointed on November 19, 461, following Pope Leo's death. He strengthened the Church greatly during his pontificate, particularly in France and Spain. Not only did he advocate for bishops' rights, but he also pushed them to be more pious and live simpler lives. Along with rebuilding numerous churches in Rome, renovating the Lateran Basilica, and building numerous convents and libraries, he established the pope- not the emperor- as the supreme authority in matters spiritual. He passed away in 468 in Rome.

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