Free food to Taxis - Bengaluru Woos Voters with freebies

Free food to Taxis - Bengaluru Woos Voters with freebies

Several companies in Bengaluru, a city in southern India known for its low voter turnout, are actively encouraging citizens to vote in the general election by offering various incentives. This initiative comes in light of the upcoming voting day for the city on Friday as part of India's multi-phase election.

To boost voter participation, businesses such as hotels, taxi services, and restaurants have rolled out attractive offers. These incentives range from free food and discounted cab rides to complimentary health check-ups and even free beer at certain pubs.

For instance, restaurants are requiring voters to show proof of voting (indicated by the indelible ink on their fingers) to avail of special offers like free coffee, dosas, and fruit juice to combat the heat. Other places are providing discounts or promotions on meals.

Last week, before the court's decision on Wednesday, several companies had started advocating for voter engagement but formally announced their offerings following the court's approval. For instance, Wonderla, a popular amusement park, is selling tickets at a discounted rate to voters, while a local pub called Deck of Brews is offering free beer to its initial 50 voting customers.

Ridesharing apps like Blu-Smart are providing a 50% fare reduction for trips within 30 kilometers of polling stations, and taxi aggregators like Rapido are offering complimentary rides to elderly and disabled voters.

The initiatives aim to celebrate the essence of democracy and to underscore the significance of voting. Business owners like Gopi Chand Cherukuri of Mr. Philly's hope that these efforts will ignite enthusiasm among Bengaluru citizens to exercise their voting rights and influence positive change through participation in the electoral process.

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