Saint Hilary, Pope

During his seven-year pontificate in the fifth century, St. Hilary was renowned for preserving Church unity during a period of intense conflict. His birthplace was Italy and he assisted...

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St. Onesimus

St. Paul had converted Philemon, a powerful man, to Christianity, and St. Onesimus was his slave. After offending Philemon, Onesimus ran away to avoid facing any kind of punishment. Then, while Pau...

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Saint Valentine
Our Lady of Lourdes
St. Richard
St. Agatha
Presentation of the Lord
St. John Bosco

St. Gildas the Wise

St. Gildas was most likely born around 517 in North England or Wales. He most likely had multiple siblings. His father's name was Cau (or Nau), and he was of noble descent. Writings exist that indi...

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